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BC's Top Cyclists to return to Victoria for Provincial Champs - PISE joins as presenting sponsor

Victoria BC:  For the third consecutive year, Victoria BC is hosting the BC Road Cycling Championships as part of the annual Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series presented by PISE on May 30 to June 1, 2014.

In a new partnership, the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence (PISE) has joined as the presenting sponsor of the entire series, as part of an ongoing awareness campaign to offer "cycling-friendly" programs and resources at its Interurban Campus facility.  As the umbrella organization for the Canadian Sports Institute Pacific, PISE recognizes that the event serves as a platform for high performance athlete development as they train and prepare for national/international competition as part of the LTAD model.  

This year's event is scheduled to follow its usual 3 Day series format that incorporates various cycling disciplines:

May 30 – Hotel Zed Dallas Road Time Trial

May 31 - Accent Inns Cycling Classic - BC Road Elite/Masters Cycling Championships

June 1 - Russ Hay's/Accent Inns Bastion Square Grand Prix - BC Criterium Cycling Championships
-          Tim Horton’s Timbits Challenge
-          Victoria Celebrity Bike Relay

The Hotel  Zed Dallas Road Time Trial is a 5km race along Victoria's scenic oceanfront on Dallas Road. Known as the "Race of Truth", participants race against the clock along the course at breakneck speeds of up to 60 km/hr. Expect to see Canadian National Time Trial Champion, Curtis Dearden, as he defends his course record.  Open to novice or expert cyclists, this event challenges everyone. Participants will be using the latest aerodynamic technology to minimize wind resistance and maximize speed. Hand cyclists and first time racers are invited to participate.

May 31 is the first BC Premier Cup event of the year, with the Accent Inns Cycling Classic.  Located in Metchosin, BC, this Road Race features a relentless course that will challenge all competitors as they battle for the BC Cycling Championship titles. The race is run on a 10km loop starting and finishing at Hans Helgesen Elementary School.  The course features sweeping descents, steep climbs, with a total elevation gain of 4000 ft for the men and 3000 ft for the women.

On Saturday, June 1, is the ever-popular Russ Hay's/Accent Ins Bastion Square Grand Prix. This is the “money” event — where elite riders put everything on the line to claim primes (lap prizes) and cash prizes before a large rowdy crowd, just inches from the action. Located in Downtown Victoria, the Bastion Square Grand Prix Grand Prix has been a staple in B.C.’s cycling history for over 20 years. Past winners have included Olympians — and Victorians — Gillian Carlton, Roland Green, Andreas Hestler, Alison Sydor and Erinne Willock. Racing on a short, fully enclosed 900 metre loop through Victoria's historic Bastion Square, this European-style event features thrills and spills. Spectators can check out the infamous “Crash Corner” at Yates and Wharf Streets, witness the “prime” and finish line sprints at Fort and Langley Streets, or enjoy a bite to eat or a cup of java at the many “course -side” outdoor cafes along the route. Thousands of spectators will once again line the route to watch riders reach speeds of 65 km/hr, side to side, wheel to wheel.

Prior to the Elite Men/Women’s event is the inaugural Victoria Celebrity Cycling Challenge where local sports/media celebrities will have a friendly race around Bastion Square in front of thousands of fans and spectators.

Also on June 1, kids ages 3-10 get to race and also rub elbows with local Olympians and champions during the Tim Horton's Timbits Challenge.  Registration is free and all kids get a T-Shirt, a medal, waterbottle, and a box of Timbits!   Registration is free with a limit of 150 participants.

 The Russ Hay's Racing Cycle Club Society is a not-for-profit society dedicated to providing support, equipment, and resources towards the development of aspiring competitive cyclists who have the potential to become future champions.

Visit the website for all the details at

Volunteers are needed for our event.  Please visit the website for more information on available positions.

For more information contact race director Jon Watkin at
Courtesy Jon Watkin, Event Director
Robert Cameron Law is one of Victoria's well known and respected law firms that specialize in injury claims.  Bob himself is passionate about cycling and has competed at the national and international level, with significant accomplishments both in road and track disciplines.   He currently sits on the board of the Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence and supports other cycling related projects such as the IRC Cycling Club and the Accent Inns/Russ Hay's Cycling Team p/b Soctiabank.

PISE is a world class sport institute that opened its doors in 2008, and is an independent not for profit organization located next to Camosun College at the Interurban campus. As a legacy of the 1994 Commonwealth Games, the Institute brings together excellence in community sport and active healthy living development, sport and exercise education, sport technology research, and world-class athlete performance services. PISE, in collaboration with its partners the Canadian Sport Institute and Camosun College, serves the community, students, Canadian international high performance athletes and coaches from across the region, province and country within a state of the art facility and throughout the CRD region.

Russ Hay's The Bicycle Shop has been one of Victoria's major independent cycling retailers since 1959.  It was recently voted as one of the "2013 Best Bike Shops in Canada" by Canadian Cyclist Magazine.  The Clermont family owned business maintains a strong reputation for friendly, expert service, relying on customers' word-of-mouth as their strongest source of advertising. They are one of the top Specialized Bicycle dealers in Canada and have raised over $11,000 for Victoria Hospice through the annual Ambriss Clermont Charity Ride.

Friday, June 22, 2012

2012 ColdFx - Canadian National Road Cycling Championships

Day 1 - Individual Time Trial

Rob Britton (Team H&R Block) on his way to a 7th Place in the Men's Elite Time Trial - Photo courtesy of
Men, 39 km
                                                                                       Time                      Gap
1 Svein Tuft (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE                              0:47:26                  0
2 Christian Meier (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE                      0:49:34                  2:08
3 Hugo Houle * (QC) Team Spidertech pb C10                   0:50:15                  2:49
4 Aaron Fillion (ON) Ride With Rendall                              0:50:51                  3:25
5 Francois Parisien (QC) Team Spidertech pb C10             0:50:52                  3:26
6 Zach Bell (BC) Team Spidertech pb C10                     0:50:57                  3:31
7 Rob Britton (BC) Team H&R BLOCK                           0:51:08                  3:42
8 David Boily * (ON) Team Team Spidertech pb C10           0:51:13                  3:47
9 Rémi Pelletier-Roy * (QC) Garneau- Quebecor                0:51:24                  3:58
10 Ryan Roth (ON) Team Spidertech pb C10                     0:51:39                  4:13

15 Cody Campbell * (BC) Cycling BC                             0:53:37                  6:11
17 Adam de Vos * (BC) Trek Red Truck                         0:54:18                  6:52
32 Mike Sidic (BC) Team H&R BLOCK                          0:56:32                  9:06
33 Kyle Buckosky * (BC) Cycling BC                              0:56:40                  9:14
43 Dylan Cunningham* (BC) Cycling BC                        0:58:02                  10:36

*BC Riders
*Victoria BC Riders

Annie Ewart (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits) powering to 6th overall, and 2nd in U23 -  Photo courtesy of

Women, 30 km
                                                                                                Time                     Gap
1 Clara Hughes (QC) Specialized-lululemon                                  0:39:42.68           
2 Rhae Shaw (WA) Exergy TWENTY12                                       0:41:22.23            1:40
3 Julie Beveridge (AB) Equipe Vienne Futuroscope                       0:42:36.14            2:54
4 Jasmin Glaesser * (BC) Cycling BC                                       0:42:41.70            2:59
5 Joelle Numainville (QC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies       0:43:29.10            3:47
6 Annie Ewart * (BC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies       0:44:07.49            4:25
7 Alizée Brien * (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC                            0:45:07.46            5:25
8 Denise Ramsden * (ON) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies      0:45:16.06            5:34
9 Annick Dufour (QC) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery                0:45:31.87            5:49
10 Moriah Macgregor (BC) Cycling BC                                   0:46:06.31            6:24

*BC Riders
*Victoria BC Riders

2 BC Riders on the U23 Podium:  Annie Ewart 2nd (Left), and Jasmin Glaesser 1st (Middle)

U23 Women's Podium

1 Jasmin Glaesser * (BC) Cycling BC                                       0:42:41.70           
2 Annie Ewart * (BC) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies       0:44:07.49            
3 Alizée Brien * (QC) Specialized-Mazda SGC                            0:45:07.46

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tour de Beauce - Stage 4: St-Benoît-Labre (ITT) 21.4km

Rob Britton during his start of the Specialized/Russ Hay's Time Trial.
Vancouver's Svein Tuft wins the TT.  Rob Britton finishes 6th and moves into the top ten overall.

Stage 4 Results
1              Svein Tuft (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada     0:27:08 
2              Rory Sutherland (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team           0:00:30 
3              Hugo Houle (Can) Spidertech p/b C10     0:00:46 
4              Christian Meier (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada           0:00:55 
5              Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b C10        0:01:10 
6              Rob Britton (Can) H&R Block      0:01:16 
7              Marc De Maar (Aho) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team               0:01:29 
8              Benjamin Day (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team                0:01:31 
9              Zach Bell (Can) Spidertech p/b C10           0:01:35 
10           Mattew Cooke (USA) Exergy      0:01:42 
44           Adam De Vos (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing Team p/b Mosaic       0:03:53 
65           Nic Hamilton (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada              0:04:48 
82           James Sparling (Can) Raleigh - GAC         0:05:37 

General classification after stage 4

1              Rory Sutherland (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team           13:00:54              
2              Hugo Houle (Can) Spidertech p/b C10     0:00:19 
3              Christian Meier (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada           0:00:43 
4              Svein Tuft (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada     0:01:04 
5              Mattew Cooke (USA) Exergy      0:01:05 
6              Marc De Maar (Aho) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team               0:01:12 
7              Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team           0:01:17 
8              Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b C10        0:01:27 
9              Sebastien Salas (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies             0:01:33 
10           Rob Britton (Can) H&R Block      0:01:37 
70           Nic Hamilton (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada              0:20:04 
71           James Sparling (Can) Raleigh - GAC         0:20:30 
74           Adam De Vos (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing Team p/b Mosaic       0:21:16

Tour de Beauce - Stage 3: St-Georges - Mont-Mégantic 164km

Great ride by Nic Hamilton during the early break.  Here is a write up on Cyclingnews.

Stage 3 Results

1              Matthew Cooke (USA) Exergy   4:12:32 
2              Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team           0:00:07 
3              Rory Sutherland (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team                           
4              Hugo Houle (Can) Spidertech p/b C10     0:00:10 
5              Christopher Butler (USA) Champion System Pro Cycling Team     0:00:12 
6              Sebastien Salas (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies             0:00:15 
7              Marc De Maar (Aho) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team               0:00:20 
8              Christian Meier (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada           0:00:25 
9              David Clarke (GBr) Node4 Giordana Racing           0:00:55 
10           Rob Britton (Can) H&R Block      0:00:58 
78           Adam De Vos (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing Team p/b Mosaic                       
81           Nic Hamilton (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada              0:12:44 
82           James Sparling (Can) Raleigh - GAC                         

General classification after stage 3

1              Francisco Mancebo (Spa) Competitive Cyclist Racing Team           12:33:06              
2              Matthew Cooke (USA) Exergy   0:00:03 
3              Rory Sutherland (Aus) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team           0:00:10 
4              Hugo Houle (Can) Spidertech p/b C10     0:00:13 
5              Sebastien Salas (Can) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies             0:00:17 
6              Marc De Maar (Aho) Unitedhealthcare Pro Cycling Team               0:00:23 
7              Christian Meier (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada           0:00:28 
8              Christopher Butler (USA) Champion System Pro Cycling Team     0:00:39 
9              Ryan Roth (Can) Spidertech p/b C10        0:00:57 
10           David Clarke (GBr) Node4 Giordana Racing           0:00:58 

11           Rob Britton (Can) H&R Block      0:01:01 
70           James Sparling (Can) Raleigh - GAC         0:15:33 
72           Nic Hamilton (Can) Équipe Nationale Du Canada              0:15:56 
75           Adam De Vos (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing Team p/b Mosaic       0:18:03  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tour de Beauce - Stage 2 (Victoria BC Riders)


STAGE 2 RESULTS - Thetford-Mines / Thetford-Mines

2 SPARLING, James RALEIGH - GAC  -RAL 4:05:12 00:05 08 16
3 SEREBRYAKOV, Alexander TEAM TYPE 1 SANOFI  -TT1 4:05:36 00:29 04 13
5 TVETCOV,Serghei EXERGY  -XGR 4:05:36 00:29  11
6 GILBERT, Martin SPIDERTECH P/B C10  -SPI 4:05:36 00:29  10
8 OLIPHANT, Evan RALEIGH - GAC  -RAL 4:05:36 00:29  8
9 CANDELARIO, Alexander OPTUM P/B KELLY BENEFIT -OPT 4:05:36 00:29 03 10
10 VAN UDEN, Roman BIKENZ-PURE BLACK RACING  -NZL 4:05:36 00:29  6

40 BRITTON, Rob H&R BLOCK   4:05:36 00:29 


3 ROTH, Ryan SPIDERTECH P/B C10  -SPI 8:20:31 00:04
6 OLIPHANT, Evan RALEIGH - GAC  -RAL 8:20:37 00:10
7 MEIER, Christian ÉQUIPE NATIONALE DU CANADA  -CAN 8:20:37 00:10
9 CLARKE, David NODE4 GIORDANA RACING  -NGR 8:20:37 00:10
10 ILESIC, Aldo Ino TEAM TYPE 1 SANOFI  -TT1 8:20:37 00:10

17  BRITTON, Rob H&R BLOCK   8:20:37 00:10
58 SPARLING, James RALEIGH - GAC  -RAL 8:23:23 02:56

The Ryder Effect - Opportunity is all about timing

Ryder Hesjedal holding the coveted Giro Trophy
Looking back at the last 4 weeks, I can help but marvel at where we are now in Victoria with respect to the sport of road cycling.  Recent events have created some amazing opportunities to develop and grow the sport on so many levels: from attracting new people into the sport, to broadening the opportunities for creating and/or enhancing cycling events in Victoria.  It also brings into sharp focus the fact that Victoria is the perfect place to live and train if you are pursuing a career in the sport.

I still have to pinch myself from the fact that we have Canada's first Grand Tour winner living in our own neighbourhood.   The attention that Ryder received from his unprecedented victory has not only put Victoria BC on the world cycling map, but it has put Canada in a very respectable place among other cycling talent producing nations such as Spain, Italy, France, and the United States.   And it seems that we have only just begun.  The Tour de France starts next week, and for the first time ever, we have a Canadian listed among the favourites.  Who would have thought?  Certainly not the Europeans.

For the first time, we now have a household name that represents our sport, similar to how Simon Whitfield did the same for Triathlon.  The expectation and the hope is that Ryder will inspire people...particularly the consider cycling as their sport of choice.

Annie Ewart (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits)
We also have to look at the emerging talent that we have: Rob Britton, Annie Ewart, Gillian Carlton, Nic Hamilton, Jamie Sparling, Craig Logan, Adam de Vos, and others.  Rob is one of Canada's best road cyclists and is likely to get a pro contract next year; Annie is racing for a big US Pro team (Optum p/b Kelly Benefits), Gillian is a world-class track racer and accomplished road cyclist...and likely going to the London Olympics; Nic Hamilton is racing as a professional with Team Jelly Belly; Jamie is racing for a big UK Pro Team (Raleigh), and Craig and Adam are rising stars racing for Trek/Red Truck Racing.....Adam having recently finished 2nd in the R Cameron Law Cycling Series Omnium and holding the new record for the Sidney TT.

Last weekend, at the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series, we had almost 150 kids ages 5-10 participate in the Tim Horton's Timbits Challenge.  What impressed me the most is that, most of them knew who Ryder was.  When I asked them why we were decorating their bikes pink, a sea of hands went up.   I was also impressed that many of the kids had road bikes!  Yes, they now have kids road bikes with 24 inch wheels and integrated shifting.   My 9 year old son now wants one.
3 x World MTB Champion Alison Sydor leading the Kids at the Tim Horton's Timbits Challenge
I made a point to acknowledge Ryder's victory by having the elite men hold up a "Congrats, Ryder" sign while they were lining up for the Condo Group Bastion Square Grand Prix.   The message conveyed was twofold: To the racers, it showed them that anything was possible and that some of them will aspire to bigger and better things.    To Ryder, it showed him that he has begun to lay down his legacy, to inspire new youth into the sport, and to create a foundation of cycling development that will be seen for many more years to come.

So where do we go from here.

If the goal is to attract and introduce more people to competitive cycling, so many things need to happen on so many different levels:

- Primary School:  Here we need to see more primary schools involved in bike rodeos, and also consider having fun bike races for kids that could involve the participation from various school districts.   My son has a track meet at UVIC this week which features 10 schools, with over 1000 kids. Why can't we have cycling related activities organized along the same lines?  Having local cycling celebrities involved would be important.  Perhaps Ryder should consider putting his name on a new Primary School Cycling initiative?

- Secondary School:  Victoria has a good high school racing program, and can use the "Ryder Effect" to push to get more kids into either MTB or Road Racing and compete in their High School Racing Series.   The teacher job action situation hopefully will be resolved soon so that extracurricular activities like this can continue and blossom.  The challenge is always finding volunteer parents, teachers, etc... and to also find the venues to have the events.

- Grass Roots Development:  Cycling Clubs in Victoria need to consider offering more support to young cyclists who are coming from the Secondary School program, or are just beginning to learn the sport.  Clubs need to act as a catalyst to help the youth raise their skill level to the point where sponsorship opportunities can manifest.  Clubs need to be structured with a general membership of people who make up the base, but who have a program to support younger riders so that they can travel and compete to cycling events in BC and abroad.

- Trade Team Development:  Victoria should have its own Trade Team that provides opportunities for the top young riders to travel to bigger races in BC and Pacific Northwest, and also fund development projects to Europe and South America.  These riders should have equipment and expenses covered, and to expose them to the elite level of the sport with the ambition that they will be offered a professional contract by a well funded professional team.    This team would need strong support from the local business community and also require a strong core of people to handle administration and logistics.

- Coaching and Cycling Camps:  Victoria has some of the sport's best coaches.  A program needs to be created that brings the vast coaching expertise that we have, and to offer a Cycling Camp that attracts athletes of all ages, who are looking to improve their performance.  For this to work, it would require new partnerships between various coaching services, but also strong community and business support.

- Facilities and Road Access:  We have some of the best sports facilities in the Country to develop and grow cycling. The PISE facility offers sport education and athlete development under one ‘roof’, and incorporates sport science, sport technology and innovation, and sport and wellness research.  We also have the Juan de Fuca velodrome, brought back to life through the efforts of the GVVA.  We also have great venues for "learn to race" opportunities with the Western Speedway circuit and the Sidney Velo Time Trial 

- More Cycling Events:  Victoria has a great local grassroots racing program called the Victoria Cycling League.  It also hosts one of BC's biggest and most popular cycling events, the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series as part of the Victoria International Cycling Festival.   However, on the Island, there are no other provincial sanctioned road cycling events that provide the opportunity for local racers to compete at rather high level (Cobblestone Classic in Nanaimo was cancelled).  This needs to change and more people are needed to consider organizing larger sanctioned cycling events, and more support is needed by organizations like Cycling BC in order to equip and provide training.

Looking back at this list, I see that with opportunity, comes certain new challenges.  We have the pieces of the puzzle in front of us, but we need to get the right people to start putting the pieces together.

L-R: Drew Mackenzie (PISE), Nic Hamilton, Rob Britton, Craig Richey, Annie Ewart, Henri De Boever, Erinne Willock, Rod Henderson (The Condo Group), Bob Cameron, Alison Sydor, Mandy Farmer (Accent Inns).
I wonder if I should organize some kind of  "Cycling Development" conference here in Victoria, which would invite key stakeholders into a strategic brainstorming session that would focus on the various development ideas mentioned.  If the common goal is to raise the bar here in Victoria, and to capitalize on Ryder's amazing Victory to attract and develop new cyclists into the sport, then I think we can collectively come up with some great ideas.

Who is with me?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview with Adam De Vos - Trek/Red Truck Racing

Adam in Cycling BC Team Kit
Nevermind the fact that Adam is only 18 years old, and nevermind that he actually loves to suffer (His words).  But when you look at the results of some of the most recent Cat 1-2 Elite races, there is Adam's name among some very big heavy hitters (figuratively speaking).   I recall the last time I saw a young kid make a big impression was in the early 1990's when a young Roland Green riding for Espoir Laval was taking home some big wins such as the Tour of L'Abitibi, a stage in the Tour de Beauce and the overall Canadian Tire Cycling Series.  We all know where Roland's career went afterwards.

I caught up with Adam De Vos who finished an excellent 2 weeks of racing in the U.S. and B.C.

JW - Adam, congratulations on a great start to your racing season with Trek/Red Truck.   2 weekends ago, you won the last Road Race stage of the Tour of Walla Walla and finished 2nd overall, beating out some big names like Rob Britton, and a host of strong guys from H/R Block, Russ Hay's/Accent Inns and Garneau Evolution.  This past weekend, you finished 4th overall in the Race the Ridge race with 3rd in the Road Race, and 5th in the Circuit Race.  How stoked are you on these great results?

AD - Very very stoked...Its great to have success early to build the confidence for the rest of the year and get excited about racing. The whole team has been riding great and its awesome to be racing with such good group of guys. Also helpful that there's guys like Tyler on the team that have so much experience I can learn from.

JW -  So far, your best results have been in stage races.  Do you see yourself as specializing in stage races or do you see yourself better suited to certain types of one day races, i.e. Road or Crit?  Your Time Trialing has been consistent as well, how about that?

AD - Tough to say at this point, I just try to give 'er in every race I'm in. Seems I've had some success rolling breaks which I like, it takes some pressure off and its fun when it works out. Crits are always a good time but I also like suffering through some of the long 160km+ road races. I have been doing a lot of work trying to improve my time trial this year but there is still a ways to go, excited for Sidney TT's to start so i can get some practice.

Adam (Left) Sprint for the win at the Kellogg Hollow Road Race  Stage of the Tour of Walla Walla

JW - Only 2 years ago, we saw you racing locally at the High School level and just getting started, so to speak.  In 2 years, you have significantly raised your game.  What do you attribute to the impressive improvements you have made over the last 2 years?

AD - Theres tons of things that have helped me get better. Great coaches(Peter and Jeff), racing VCL's and other local races, great support on projects with Cycling BC and the CCA. All the group rides in Victoria are awesome to get fast. Of course training hard was part of it but there is a lot of resources in BC and Victoria that helped me out. A background in swimming didn't hurt either.

JW -  What are your next goals now that the racing season is getting into full swing?   Are you excited about BC Provincials here in Victoria?

AD - There is a couple off weekends now (gives me time to glue up a new tubular) and then its back to Washington for some more stage races. Nationals is going to be the big goal this year so thats what the training is going to be focussed around. Definitely stoked for Provincials, especially since I missed last years race because of a broken collar bone. I haven't ridden the course yet but I hear its a bit of a doozy. That whole weekend is going to be killer, Bastion Square is one of my favourites and is a big race for the team as well. Plus the TT is pretty unique and was a blast last year.

Adam (Far Left) with the other Top five finishers of the Race the Ridge (Photo by Jeff Werner
JW -  At the age of 18 years old, you are in a similar situation as Annie Ewart in that you are showing some great promise as a younger rider. In Annie's situation, she is beginning her first year as a "neo-pro" with Optum / Kelly Benefits.  Do you foresee opportunities to get into a development gig with a bigger team like Bissell, Spidertech, Exergy, etc...?

AD - Thats definitely a goal and hopefully I can make it up to that next level soon, I'm confident I'm going in the right direction. I also loved racing in Belgium and Denmark last year so who knows, I may get the chance to move across the pond which would be neat.

JW -  Who is your favourite pro cyclist?

AD - hmm, I would have to say Svein Tuft. He's really the only pro i've talked to extensively and he has been super generous to me. Plus his story is so unique and is just an all around awesome dude, also he can ride a bike pretty damn fast.

JW -  Favourite Food and why?

AD - Oatmeal is definitely what I crave these days. Its versatile, you can cook it on the stove, in the microwave, in a rice cooker or eat it raw. Then you can add anything you want to it, nuts, fruit, berries, yogurt, milk, seeds. So many ways to eat it you can never get bored, plus its delicious. It's a certified super-food. This mornings serving consisted of flax seed, banana, and greek yogurt.

JW -  Thanks Adam for taking the time to help us get to know you better. Good Luck to you for the rest of the 2012 season.

AD - Thanks Jon